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      The journal proposes, first, to capitalize on the most relevant results of university research, particularly in:
- PHILOLOGY - especially World Literature and Criticism; Comparative Literature; Contemporary Literature; Postcolonialism; Exile Literature; Creative Writing; Interviews/the Art of Interview;
- CULTURAL STUDIES - Gender Studies, Ethnic Studies, Feminism and Women s Studies, as well as Area Studies and Globalization Studies included;

     Works are mostly expected in the fields of Philology, Cultural Studies and Communication Studies—including Interpersonal, Intercultural and International Communication, Small Group Communication, Mass Communication, Business Communication and Professional and Specialized Communication, Journalism - including Gender Journalism, TV and Film Studies, Dramatic Arts, the Art of Interview. Philosophy, Specialized Language and Literature Studies, Education issues including Teaching Methodologies, Teaching of Literature, teaching of Foreign Languages, Linguistics, Semantics, Stylistics, Pragmatics, Philosophy, Theology, Rhetoric and Composition Studies, Cultural and Literary Studies, Gender Studies and Women s Literature, Area Studies and Ethnic Studies, Comparative Literature and Postcolonial Studies, Exile Literature, Theory of Literature and Criticism, Feminism, Writing, in general, and Creative Writing, in special, Cross - Disciplinary research, as well as presentations of other projects and educational programs with a wider impact on Occupational and Vocational Development are also areas of research that we publish.

     IJCR/International Journal of Communication Research is included in various BDI, such as EBSCO, ProQuest, Doaj, Copernicus, Global Impact Factor.

     We have submitted data to be included in other BDI and are waiting for formal, official acceptation documents.

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